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Evelyn Vanderaa

We are all part of a community within this planet, all interconnected including mother nature and the ocean. The ocean to me is therapeutic and soothes my soul, gives me clarity which in turn empowers my inner self. It allows me to be in the “here and now,” merging with that wave energy. I plunge in the ocean daily no matter the conditions and surf if there are waves.

I am particularly grateful I can still enjoy surfing as I had a major back operation  two years ago and was very close to being in a wheelchair. It has been a humbling journey and I do not take my health or body for granted.

The ocean is cleansing for my inner being and reminds me how very fortunate I am to be alive. To surf with my daughter Immy and hopefully my grandchildren in the future.

Changes I really wish to see is for everyone on this planet to simply respect each other and respect the ocean and environment. It does start on each individual level, in finding that inner peace within, and no amount of pointing the finger to blame, say the government or powers that be, is effective. So consequently I focus on bettering myself, eat healthily, live sustainably and help others in need and inspiring others.

I practise this ‘meditation’ (inner experience) daily since I was 23 years old. It allows me to reflect and understand myself. I have the ocean of answers within. Now that I have retired recently and officially on an age pension I surf a lot more regularly, tai chi most mornings with a group of women at Angourie. Also help look after my beautiful grandchildren.

My accomplishments: I am still alive. Yeh. I live my life to the fullest and thoroughly enjoy. I am so appreciative I guess because two of my four children have passed. So I do not take my life for granted.

I cannot help being deep and meaningful so I guess other accomplishments I have been grateful for is surfing Uluwatu in the mid 70’s and amazing surfing adventures, including Hawaii in the 90’s. I was the only female surfer then as there were very few at that time. I love seeing so many amazing female surfers now, it balances the male testosterone.

I originally came from East Gippsland on a dairy farm and then moved to Melbourne at eight, finished school and then gravitated to the North Coast.
I worked for most of my working life in the health food industry, since the 70’s, and have always been passionate about sustainability, eating organically if possible and inspiring the community to look after your health and wellbeing.

Life is so precious.

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