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Surfboard Stockists

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I bloody love my board. I've named her Betty and she already gave me the best surf I've ever had the first day I rode her. I've had crappy boards for years which has kept me from surfing much and finally invested in something I hoped would get me paddling onto waves a lot more easily and this board does not disappoint.

Lilli N. The Dusty | 9'0 Vintage Blue

Love love LOVE my shorebird. Has the paddle power of a mal but manoeuvres like a thruster. A board that will leave you with a permanent smile.

Kellie M. The Shorebird | 5'5 Dirty Pink

I had never owned a mid length board before and now I have no idea why I hadn't bought one sooner. The volume allows me to sit deeper and catch the wave earlier with more paddle power and the length gives me heaps more confidence when the waves are bigger. Everyone comments on the lovely colour, too, which is just a fun bonus. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting something between a longboard & shortboard.

Amber J. The Mid Tide | 7'0 Mustard