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KICKSTARTER ~ Celebrating diverse women surfing through art


Blythe & Wild are changing the way women are represented in action sports through a series of playful art prints. In the words of designer, Alexa Boldy, "Blythe and Wild is a slow lifestyle brand. I hear you, 'slow lifestyle brand', what's that? Well it's a place that aims to create products that encourage you to slow down your lifestyle. My personal way of slowing down became painting and getting into the ocean to go surfing, however I felt that a lot of other women and girls were scared to try surfing because they felt they didn't fit the stereotype of the surfer aka the slim blonde bombshell. This upset me and fuelled this passion project."


Amen Alexa - we've just backed your project!


If you'd like to support Blythe & Wild's Kickstarter campaign you can do so here.