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I bloody love my board. I've named her Betty and she already gave me the best surf I've ever had the first day I rode her.
I've had crappy boards for years which has kept me from surfing much and finally invested in something I hoped would get me paddling onto waves a lot more easily and this board does not disappoint.

Lilli N. The Dusty

I find this board to be just as Salt Gypsy has suggested--I can catch waves that would have left me behind with a thruster; I can generate speed easily; the manoeuvrebility of the board is fantastic. This is my first time with a twin fin and the tail is definitely looser that with a tri-fin or single fin, but not exasperaringly so, and after a bit of practice my pop-ups have become less squirrley and the looseness of the tail just adds to the stoke!

Nicole H. The Shorebird

Love this board! It's such a fun ride. It was shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. I've taken it out for a few times and its so fun to ride. It's nice and stable, and small enough to make some fun turns on the waves but easy to paddle out on and catch a wave. The color is so fun as well. I also love supporting this women-owned brand!

Lacey K. The Mid Tide

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