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The Epoxy Soft construction makes the Mid Tide epoxy soft board a magical surfboard offering a smooth ride for every skill level. 

Available in Baby Blue and Dirty Pink

The Mid Tide ES

The Epoxy Soft construction makes the Mid Tide epoxy softboard a magical surfboard offering a smooth ride for every skill level. This model is classified as a fun board which is fitting in the sense that it will paddle superior to others in the line-up, feel comfortable under your feet and gather speed easily too, hence increasing the fun when taking the Mid Tide for a paddle.

Surfer Skill Level

Beginner - Advanced

The Mid Tide is basically an all-round cruiser that will adapt to the rider’s ability. Think easy paddling, lots of stability and enough turning response to satisfy the savvy Salt Gypsy wanting to really wet the rail.

Tech & Specs

Available in 4 Sizes

6'4 length | 21" width | 2 1/2" thick | 37L volume

6'8 length | 21 1/4" width | 2 5/8'' thick | 41L volume

7'0 length | 21 1/2" width | 2 3/4" thick | 46L volume

7'4 length | 21 3/4 width | 2 7/8" thick | 51L volume

Board Contours

Rolled Vee to Vee Double Concave


Medium to full rail.

Fins Included

7” Single & FCS2 Performer Quad Rears are included.


The Epoxy Soft Construction is a real game changer in the soft surfboard market. When you break it down it's a multi layer construction that comprises of a PE deck skin that is supported by a thin wood veneer layer that is housing a epoxy resin and fibreglass wrapped machine shaped EPS core. The bottom layer is a High Density PE skin. When you add it all up it gives a high level of performance with a fun soft board feel.

You can find out more about GSI’s surfboard construction on the surfboard construction page.


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